Features : Lightpad



Timeflow is a calendar for the Digital Age. While regular online calendar apps are usually just a copycat of a plain old paper calendar – Timeflow embraces the essence of the virtual space. Create tasks or events and see workload or upcoming bright events visually and vividly.

Cognitive anchoring

for better memorisation and cozy space division

Lightpad allows you to organize your planning and notes with branches (think tags). Each tag can have its own individual background gradient to create a cognitive anchor in your mind, to facilitate memorization of the topic and also just to allow you to feel yourself more cozy and at home.

Focused writing

Lightpad has notes. Notes has focus mode. Focus mode helps you to concentrate on the writing by removing all visual distractions. Only your mind, your text and colour. Compared to popular writing tools Lightpad focus mode offers five flavours, three of which play on the background gradient.