Like a calendar but cyberpunk
Like a calendar but for those who feel
Like a calendar but for those who think
Like a calendar but neon
Like a calendar but for dreamers
Like a calendar but indie
Like a calendar but for cloudheads
Like a calendar but for writers
Like a calendar but vapourwave
Like a calendar but aesthetic
Lightpad is an aesthetic calendar and a notepad for those who need beauty even when planning. The app is designed with attention to human brain intricacies, hence allowing you to utilise your own thinking patterns for better cognition and willpower.

Linear alignment

Unlike in table calendar in Lightpad dates are aligned linearly. Compared to table calendars this allows to utilise brain's ability to measure distance.

Bird eye view

You can see from 12 to 35 days worth of data

Tags and Colour anchoring

Lightpad uses tags to organise content. You can set a distinct gradient for each one of them.

notes And tasks

As market tools evolution shows us – there's little point in separating personal intentions from thoughts. Lightpad allows you to store both notes and tasks in a single case.

Focus mode

For your best performance Lightpad helps you to focus, by removing all of it's interface if needed. Unlike with existing solutions you can stay with your power colours.