Lightpad : Concept


Spatial Calendar

Time is a continuous dimension. So why wrap it into a table?

Thinking about the future deserves better.

Lightpad uses a spatial ascending layout to connect time perception to your visual cortex.

Vision involves nearly half of your cerebral cortex, thus being the most sophisticated of your senses. Perhaps, your vision alone can process planning much better than your consciousness. But table layout instead uses your central processing power to connect those wrapped strings of dates into a continuum, leaving less power for the planning itself.

Lightpad marries your visual cortex and consciousness to make planning effortless and joyful.

If you're accustomed to table calendars, you may be experiencing a strong disagreement right now. We understand. We respect that. Get us right – we aren't radicals. We respect the traditional table layout. It's the densest one and maybe sometimes more useful. But if you look at its original constraints, well, it was made for the physical mediums, limited by their nature. Now we can build a virtual layer on top of reality. So why optimize for saving space, when you can optimize for increased cognitive function?
Give it a shot. If you don't like it – we will still love you and will return you your money!

So, are you in?