Main new features since 2020

Main new features since 2020

Heyy, glad to see you!

We've working hard to improve Lightpad's quality and features. We've dramatically improved stability and ramped up our automated testing. New features include:

  • Improved synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Recurring tasks
  • Public profile, publishing for notes and tasks
  • Faster start up
  • Drag and drop tasks between days in Timeflow
  • Timeflow is expanded by default
  • Supertags – each tag now can be a hierarchy, like a directory
  • Added account deletion
  • Locale based time formatting, so the US can now enjoy the Month / Date format

Expanded Timeflow

Increasing Timeflow vibrancy

Also we're working improve the vibes for Timeflow. New version will include tag icons, tasks importance and improved layout.

That's it

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