Quality Boost and Features Galore

Quality Boost and Features Galore

Hey peeps, we've been working hard all this time to make Lightpad faster, stabler and add the features we've promised.

New features

Arrives expanded Timeflow, events time, drag-n-drop, and hotkeys

  • Expanded mode for Timeflow (Desktop/laptop). This mode shows every time unit expanded, so you see all their events at once.
  • Events time. Every event in Timeflow now shows its time in preview. Midnight (12 am) events (default time for new tasks) has it omitted.
  • Drag and drop! (Desktop/laptop) Now you can move individual events between dates by just dragging them from one date to another.
  • Hotkeys! (Desktop/laptop). Now you can fill your calendar without touching the mouse. Check out this section of the user guide for more details.
  • Switch between time-unit types on mobile
  • Recurring tasks from Google Calendar now can be displayed in Lightpad

Quality of life improvements:

  • Dramatically faster open speed, now just a few seconds instead of half a minute.
  • Fixed pesky network errors.
  • Fixed Sunday-starting weeks when you set week as the time-unit type in Timeflow.
  • Fixed events start time change for events starting at midnight.
  • Simpler week labeling (now just the starting day date and month)
  • Fixed events transfer between weeks
  • User guide on desktop now has a hovering table of contents
  • Nicer landing page
  • Much better and faster Google Calendar sync
  • Fixed task time selection for mobile devices

We have also improved our business process, now we have more unit tests and staging environments, so this ensures higher stability for the main server.