Lightpad : User Guide

User Guide

This page is here to help you understand Lightpad better.

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Timeflow Overview

Initial Setup Guide

Install Lightpad

Lightpad is a Progressive Web App (PWA). It looks like a native app, works offline and it's safer than regular apps (it can't track you).
All you need to do is to press the share button and then look for "Add to home screen" button.
Learn more about PWA in this Wikipedia article.

It can also be installed on a Mac/PC/Linux as Chrome app.

For iOS or Android

For Desktops and Laptops

MacOS / Windows and Linux support Chrome apps. Open in Google Chrome, log in, and you should see install icon at the end of address bar, just click it. If you don't see it: press three-dot options button, then "install Lightpad". Perhaps this can work in Firefox or Safari, but we're unsure of that.

Installation videos were produced by Angry Eggplant

P.S. We want to bring you and us the best planning experience which includes native apps. At the moment we're tight on resources, and we prioritize more potent development routes. Your voice in our media and support will help us greatly and will accelerate the apps development!


Lightpad has two options for rescheduling your tasks - reschedule the whole day or just a single task. To reschedule a single task in Timeflow – open day details, then hover over a task (or press on it on mobile) and click [re] button at the end of the task. Then click on a date on which you want to put the task. To reschedule all tasks in a time period – click on a date and press reschedule all.Watch this video for instruction.

Data export

You can download your data anytime. Open desktop app or the website on a desktop / laptop, log in and click on your username in the upper left corner. In the popup look "Data export". Click on any button and save your data. Done!